Star City School District 

Representatives from the Democratic Caucus tour Star City ABC Pre School
Work to promote access to quality Pre-K throughout AR


 L to R: Nathan White (Director of Student Services), House Democratic Leader Michael John Gray, Representative Eddie Armstrong, Dorothy Hall, ABC Preschool Principal Barbara Davis, Representative Mark McElroy, Representative Vivian Flowers.

    As part of an effort by Arkansas House Democrats to highlight the need to lower criminal relapse, strengthen education, ensure accountability and promote economic development, members of the Arkansas House of Representatives are participating in a LEAD Arkansas tour that is focused on promoting access to quality Pre-K for all children.  The first leg of the LED tour took place Wednesday, September 15, in El Dorado and Star City.  
    The House Democrats also visited North Little Rock and Lonoke Pre-K facilities Thursday.
    The House Democratic Caucus focused on Pre-K education during the tour because of the many benefits of Pre-K education. Studies show that by the time a child turns five years old his brain is at 90% adult capacity.  Benefits include a return investment of $7 for every $1 invested, less likely to end up in judicial system, and more likely to finish high school and attend college.  
    Democratic Leader Michael John Gray stated, “We are on tour to amplify the message of what Pre-K can do and to get this information to the public.”  

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